Simplestoolbar provides diffrent services.

Simplestoolbar main product is Simplestoolbar Platform – Browser addon, which providers an easy to develop, HTML & JS based toolbar platform, Develop one toolbar for all 3 major browsers.

Toolbar Development

Develop custom toolbars for you comapny,

Toolbar development had never been easier, develop toolbar like it was a simple web page,

update the toolbar content whenever you want without the hassle of compiling, no need to initiate the browser update process, just update the HTML on your servers, and thats it.

Browser Addons

Toolbars are not always the best solution,

too many toobars are already installed, Use Simplestoolbar to develop browser addons,

Show you content only when needed, if needed, no need to catch the whole browser space, be there, do whatever you need, but don’t harm the user space.

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Simplestoolbar also provides development for other toolbar platforms,

Do you have a conduit toolbar? we can help you develop addons to your toolbar.

Are you using Bestoolbars? we can help you add more features, develop addons, monetize your toolbar.

Monitization – Simplestoolbar provides diffrent solutions for toolbars and browser addons Monitizatio,

whenter you have a toolbar or you dont yet, Simplestoolbar can you monetize your product.,

Simplestoolbar are already connected the top monitzation partners availble, providing solutions such as: Price comparison, Coupons, Search, Banners, Whitespace Ads, Pixel Injections, User based ads and more.