Simplestoolbar providers a variety of solution for browser addons,

Simplestoolbar platform is an easy to develop, easy to use, HTML & Javacsript based platform for developing browser toolbars, Addons, Extensions and BHOs.


Simplestoolbar platform provides an easy to develop and maintain toolbars,

develop your toolbar once for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Toolbar Addons

Simplestoolbar provides the ability to add browser addons to the top 3 browsers,

The addons provides the same functionality as the toolbar does but without having to take the space from the browser.

You can use Addos to run show your content only when needed.

Supports each and every browser

Simplestoolbar provides the option to have your contnet on the top available browsers.

Add your extension to Internet Explorer, Firefox And Google Chrome.

Visual Short Codes